• Eat fish to grow and work your way up the food chain
• Simple and fun diving and swimming mechanics
• Beautiful locations to explore
• Play as a variety of exotic birds
• Utilize tonnes of powerups
• Collect chips to buy upgrades
• Complete challenges to unlock new items
• Beautiful painted 2d/3d art style
• Hours of gameplay

Get a glimpse of Fishy Feathers in action in this gameplay trailer

Introducing Fishy Feathers!

After the world has been submerged in water, take control of Larry the Bird and eat your way up the food chain discovering new characters, territories and challenges.

Tap and hold to dive under water, but make sure you’re on the look out for predators and hazards! Collect chips and eat fish to grow into a full-blown bird of prey while keeping an eye out for helpful power-ups that help you progress through the game.

How would the birds adapt if the world flooded? Find out in this Fishy Feathers story trailer!