Mo-Town Press Kit

By: Lucky Mask Games on Oct 23rd 2014

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Developer: Luck Mask Games
Release Date: Nov 1st 2014
Availability: AppStore + Google Playstore
iOS Download Link: Available Nov 1st
GooglePlay Download Link: Available Nov 1st
Price: $0.99
AppStore Rating: 4+
File Size: 87.5 MB
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Movember just got a lot mo’ hairier – and addictive with the launch of Mo-Town! The mustache-themed game, in which mustachioed players hurl whiskers at their clean-shaven enemies to reach a specific goal to advance will have you Mo'ing over your device for quite some time.

Players can choose from a variety of outfits, hairstyles, and hats from the old metropolitan era to create a customized character. When launched into the arena styled game players will hurl mustaches at facial free characters and reach them to complete a high-five. A complete high-five will have the character dropping combs behind, each round requires a number of combs to continue. Players have to be aware of Buzzers and Clippers as they'll shave characters "Mo's" off and also take a life off of you. You only have 3 Lives per game. Players compete for a high score and challenge the leaderboards, combs also unlock a number of different styles of "Mo's" to dress your charatcer up with.

**During the month of November half the proceeds of Mo-Town will be dontated to Lucky Masks' Movember Campaign, committed to changing the face of men’s health.


• Customize your character
• Chuck "Mo's" around
• Compete for top of the Leaderboard
• Reach goals to play through numerous levels
• Set in old school "Mo"tropolitan"
• Collect Combs to Unlock new "Mo's"
• Beautiful painted 2d/3d art style
• Hours of gameplay


Lucky Mask Games Inc. Is a Toronto-based game development studio focused on creating captivating mobile games for people of all ages. Upon graduating from a Video Game Design and Development school Adam, James and Mike assembled to publish their first game, Fishy Feathers, which spent it's first couple of days on the top 150 arcade category. The trio have honed their skills on past projects and game jams with much success; inspiring the confidence that their games will be as much fun to play as they are to make.





• Adam - 3D Art and Animation
• James - Programmer
• Mike - 2D Art and Textures