• Snipe targets with precision
• Easy but challenging mechanics
• Challenge other snipers in Vs. for top of the leaderboard
• Battle yourself and the clock
• Customize you sniper
• Over 100 levels
• Each level linked to a leaderboard
• Hours of gameplay


Hi all! This one should please all the hockey fans. Snipe Show is a new hockey mobile game from Lucky Mask Games. It may be a simple aim-and-shoot title, but it is difficult to master and you’ll be practising for hours trying to get better. In Snipe Show, you must snipe targets accurately and effectively. With all game modes linked to online leaderboards, users will have plenty of fun customizing their character’s team for a unique experience. Head-to-head offers bragging rights amongst the community, while the Arcade mode will challenge you: not only to beat your personal best, but also your friends and foes. It’s a must have for hockey fans everywhere.


How do I play?

Snipe Show is very simple to pick up and play, all you have to do is aim with the left Dpad and tap the puck to fire. HINT You can hold down the puck to get aiming assistance, but keep your eye on the clock because using it chews up time

My aiming wont work

Be sure that the aiming dpad is green, this indicated that it's active. Simply removing your thumb and replacing it on the dpad should reactivate it

How do I play my friends?

In Versus Mode you can search them by enteing thier user name into the search bar. You can then click on them to make the selection green, accepting this will add them to you friends queue so they're readily available for you to challenge

How do I get on the leaderboard for versus?

The leaderboards rankings are on a winning percetange bases. The better your winning percenatge is the higher on the leaderboard you will place

How do I unlock the next level in Arcade?

Each level in arcade has can be unlocked bu obtaining a medal on the previous level. Each medal has a threshold score that must be reached before obtaining a medal. these scores can be seen next to the level selection in Arcade mode

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